Some days ago I decided to continue my journey in blogging. Since it's hard to just start writing or recording a video in a way how big bloggers do I need just to do something small every day. So this blog post was created...

I don't know what to write. I think it's ok just to use it as my diary. I can bet that I always have something to write. It can be my observations, my reflections or something else. No matter what I believe even the process of writing itself is very useful for me.

I have many plans:

  • I want to record educational videos about different professional topics like front-end and similar
  • I want to write educational articles
  • I want to create sound dubs with my voice. I think these videos will be in Russian
  • I want to improve my English. Soon I plan to apply to some English courses
  • Also, and this is an interesting one, I want to find a tool which might help to improve my grammar. Maybe this tool will be based on ChatGPT

Ok, that's it for today. The most important this journey has started again. Hooray! 🥳